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FREE eMetrics Pass – Spot The Error

Alternative to Creating Your Own Chart In a previous post about with charts and graphs for the FREE eMetrics pass, I have included a few errors for the attentive eye to spot. If you are just too darn busy to … Continue reading

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VOTE FOR JASON – WAA Individual Excellence

Spring Gala Awards On March the 15th, the Web Analytics Association is holding the inaugural Spring Awards Gala. It is going to be following an excellent Web Analytics Wednesday sponsored by SAS and a who’s who of the #measure world … Continue reading

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Advanced Charts and Graphs

New and Returning The sample data set might have some interesting things going on with new and returning visitors, here are a couple of 3D graphs that might help. The size of each sphere is a product of Pageviews and … Continue reading

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Charting For Fun

Interesting Charts Making Lemonade If you are working on the FREE eMetrics pass, and you really should if you need a free pass, I created some charts based on the sample data. These data are limited in terms of the … Continue reading

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HOWTO Excel Pivot Chart

HOWTO: Web Analytics Pivot Chart in Excel eMetrics Get Ready I bet a small child could: Push a few buttons Create a chart with bars, lines, pies or whatever Export that and declare themselves ready to attend eMetrics From “The … Continue reading

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